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A hotel with superb non-vegetarian dishes on offering- Hotel Arunima near Marthoma Girls’High School, Vellepanghadi has been around for almost two decades now. Fish items are the most popular dishes to try from the non-vegetarian menu.

Any foodie in Kerala worth his salt will know who Rappayi Chettan was. For those of you who don’t know him, let’s just say he was foodie well known for his absolute craze for tasty food. So any hotel which he approved can be safely said to have something to look forward to have from. Arunima Hotel proudly announces their association with this legendry foodie with a picture of him adorning their name plate itself. Before his demise, Arunima Hotel near Marthoma Girl’s High school, Vellepanghadi, was a favorite haunt of Rappayi Chettan, who visited this place for his morning breakfast on a daily basis. Afternoon meals from this place, accompanied by their seafood cuisine and other non veg dishes are the highlight from this hotel to look forward to. Meals from this place looks pretty perfect for its price accompanies with two side dishes, pappadam and finish it off with payasam. Their meals get side lined by the taste of the side dishes they serve and its becomes just a reason to try their superb seafood cuisine with. Dry Meen Mutta is their most sought after side dish, which they prepare in limit quantity according to availability. If you want to taste this dish, its advisable for you to get to this restaurant early during their lunch hours. Beef Kaya Roast, a special preparation with beef and raw banana mixed together with spicy masalas to give a superb side dish for you to try. Podi chala is small sardine deep fried to its core which makes the dish extreamly crispy. Served with slices of onion, this dish is the cheapest side dish available here to have with their meals. Koonthal Roast is another speciality of theirs from seafood cuisine. Quite spicy tasting dish has very thick gravy and chewy pieces you for you to gorge upon. Afternoon hours at this place see this place overflowing with customers. But the service at this lace seems quite fast and capable to handle the rush of customers even during their peak hours. Biriyani items served as per kilo are another speciality you could see at this restaurant, which has so many takers and is quite popular among their take away customers.